Daly Ukulele with Gloria Soliz

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Like many teenagers in the early 60s, Gloria taught herself how to accompany herself on the guitar while singing. She has sung alto in choirs, choruses, groups, and bands since her middle school days. After high school, she got a full-time job at the largest music store in downtown Detroit and bought herself a Gibson Hummingbird that she still plays today. In her senior
years, she has picked up both the ukulele and the electric bass. What she brings to Daly Ukulele is an enjoyment of making music with others and a desire to increase her musical knowledge and skills.

Singing and playing together brings much joy to our lives. Learning is fun, too. Daly Ukulele welcomes beginners who can expect to receive some basic information and encouraging support. The class also seeks to challenge those who are already experienced players to increase their knowledge and skills.  There will likely be a few opportunities to perform during the year for those who are interested in providing music for special Doelger Senior Center community activities.

Participants should bring their soprano, concert soprano, or tenor ukulele and be prepared with a tuner and a music stand. Lead sheets will be available to put into your three-ring binder. We hope to make lead sheets available to download on your iPad or tablet, too.

this sounds like an ukulele community that interests you, please join us for this free class on Thursday mornings at Doelger Senior Center, Room 5 at 9:30 am.Heading 5