Age-Friendly Daly City

Daly City was designated an Age-Friendly City by the World Health Organization (WHO) and AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities  in June 2020 thanks to the leadership of San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa, expert guidance by the Center for Age-Friendly Excellence (CAFE), and the commitment and vision of our Age-Friendly Task Force original members including:

  • Chair Phyllis Rizzi, Advocate for Bayshore Community older population

  • Glenn Sylvester, Councilmember

  • Perla Ibarrientos, PBRC Board Chair

  • Mike Stancil, Daly City Partnership Executive Director

  • Stephen Stolte, Assistant City Manager

  • Leilani Ramos, Assistant to City Manager

  • Jennifer Der, Senior Recreation Services Supervisor

  • Ann Cooney, Active Adult/Senior Services Supervisor


  • Thomas Barrett, Hillcrest Senior Housing Social Services Coordinator (Retired)

  • Pat Bohm, Daly City Partnership Executive Director (Retired)

  • Shawnna Maltbie, City Manager (Retired)

  • Rev. Leonard Oakes, Pastor Holy Child & St. Martin Episcopal Church (Retired)

  • Cherie Querol-Moreno, San Mateo County Commission on Aging (Retired)

  • Louis Solano, Healthy Aging Response Team Supervisor  (Retired)

Age-Friendly Communities are those whose leaders commit to upholding the 8 domains of livability:   Community/Health Care, Transportation, Housing, Social Participation, Outdoor Spaces and Buildings, Respect/Social Inclusion, Civic Participation/Empowerment and Communication/Information.

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